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Fly Identification & Prevention

Frequently Asked Questions About Flies

What are flies?

Flies are insects that have short lifespans. They reproduce quickly and produce large populations to make up for their short lives. Controlling and preventing issues with opportunistic flies is frustrating for home and business owners alike.

We identify flies by their single pair of transparent wings. Most other insects have two pairs of wings. Other physical features of adult flies include sponging mouthparts (flies can only consume liquids), short antennae, large compound eyes, six legs, and hairs on the abdomen.

Immature flies or maggots have small, soft, worm-like bodies. They are usually cream in color and develop into adults in water or pieces of decaying organic matter.

House fly on a house plant

Are flies dangerous?

More than a nuisance, flies are dangerous. Like most common pests, flies carry an array of infectious diseases. Most commonly known, flies carry Salmonella and E. Coli. They are airborne, quickly move from place to place, and can easily leave excrement on food or food prep surfaces.

Don’t risk food contamination in your home or business. Call us today for information about our fly extermination, fly control, fly treatments, and fly prevention. Swoboda Pest Control offers solutions to solve your property’s unique fly infestation.

Why do I have a fly problem?

There are many different types of flies that can become a problem on any of our properties. The heat and humidity in Texas provide the perfect environmental conditions for these pests to thrive.

Female house flies can lay almost 1000 eggs in only a few days. House fly eggs can hatch into larvae or maggots in less than 24 hours. Larvae generally stay put and feed for three to five days before finding a place to pupate. The pupae take three to six days to emerge as flies. Within two to three days, female house flies are ready to reproduce. That’s a total of only 12 to 18 days from egg to adult fly.

We stop their breeding cycle to stop problems with flies on your property. Let us treat your home or business and put an end to the otherwise never-ending need to swat the air.

Where will I find flies?

Flies feed and breed outside; they are scavengers and typically feed on decaying animal or plant matter. Flies are drawn to our outdoor spaces because of things like open trash cans, exterior lights, vegetable gardens, pet excrement, and standing water.

When flies live near our homes and businesses, they can easily find their way into our homes through drains, vents, open doors, windows, or other small openings. Flies aren’t strong fliers, so the breeze from opening and closing doors often blows these pests indoors.

Flies hang out inside our homes in areas with easy access to feeding and breeding sites – kitchens, bathrooms, wall voids, vents, and drains. If flies are continuously buzzing around your home, business, or yard in large numbers, call us. We want to get to the bottom of your infestation, provide effective treatments, and keep flies away from your home!

How do I get rid of flies?

Swoboda Pest Control offers home pest control and commercial pest control in College Station and Bryan that will eliminate and control flies. When it comes to invasive pests, the biggest regret is waiting too long to call a professional. Flies are obnoxious, can deter business, and carry diseases.

While flies are a problem for homeowners, they can be an even bigger problem for business owners. Your competition doesn’t have flies; you shouldn’t either. Flies are determined pests, and restaurants are one of their favorite spots to call home. Your customers don’t want flies around. You don’t want flies around. Stop them today.

Swoboda Pest Control will get rid of flies. Our treatments are effective, immediate, and they last. We will send one of our trained technicians to your business regularly. If you notice flies in between treatments, call us.

How can I prevent flies in the future?

Use the following fly prevention tips to keep these pests away from your home.

  • Eliminate standing water from your yard.
  • Keep lids on trash cans, recycling bins, and compost containers, and regularly clean and sanitize them. 
  • Maintain your yard, and keep it free of debris and pet excrement.
  • Regularly harvest vegetables from gardens and fruits from trees.

If you’re sick of the flies around your business or home, then call Swoboda Pest Control today.

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