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What Are Sowbugs?

January 8, 2019 - Pest Control

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Sow bug on mossy wood

Sometimes known and Roly poly bugs or pill bugs, the sowbug is not a bug at all. In fact, it is not even an insect. They are crustaceans, just like shrimp and lobsters. An insect has three body segments, three pair of legs and one pair of antennae. Sowbug have many body segments and seven pairs of legs and two sets of antennae.

Sowbug Habitat

You often find sowbugs in the garden, but they will sometimes make their way into homes. The need to have a moist environment that is rich in organic matter. Generally, they eat decomposing vegetation, fruits, and vegetables. If your home has a basement, then you might also find sowbugs there especially if the walls of your basement have cracks or windows.

Are Sowbugs Damaging?

No, not at all. Indoors you might find them in your houseplants, but unlike other household pests, such as, termites or carpenter bees, sowbugs do no damage. If you should find them in your bathroom, it is likely there is a leak and they might feed on the damaged flooring but will not eat undamaged wood.

How Do Sowbugs Get In The House?

Generally, they enter through ill-fitting doors or windows that are on the ground story. So, if you find sowbugs in your home, you can first check the doors and windows for fit. In some cases, all you need to do is install weather stripping which will help keep many pests out of your home or business. In other cases where the building has settled, the doors may need to be rehung or repaired so that they fit properly.

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