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Say Goodbye To Cockroaches: The Most Effective Treatment For Your Bryan Home

July 15, 2023 - Cockroaches

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Cockroaches are one of the most destructive pests to have in your home. They carry diseases that can affect not only your health, but your family’s as well. They’re also very hard to get rid of due to their natural resilience and ability to live for long periods of time without food or water. So what do you do to keep cockroaches at bay

In this article, we’ll discuss a few common kinds of cockroaches that you might encounter in Bryan. We’ll also touch on some of the risks of having cockroaches in your home. Lastly, we’ll talk about how professional pest control can help you get rid of these pests and what you can do to keep them out in the future. Swoboda Pest & Termite Control is here to help you with pest control in Bryan.

Types Of Cockroaches: Identifying Common Species 

Let’s start by talking about a few of the more common types of cockroaches in Bryan and how you can recognize them. The American cockroach, the German cockroach, and the Oriental cockroach are three common home invaders in the Bryan area. The American cockroach is usually the largest of the three, measuring anywhere from an inch and a quarter to just over two inches. They are usually a reddish-brown color with a yellowish pattern on the back of their heads.

The German cockroach is the smallest of the three and the most common worldwide. They tend to be light brown or tan with two darker stripes just behind their heads. They’re usually between half an inch and five-eighths of an inch long. Oriental cockroaches are most often a shiny black or a dark reddish-brown. They average around one inch in length. Next, let’s talk about one reason that professional cockroach control is so important.

Health Risks: Cockroaches Spread Disease And Trigger Allergies

Cockroaches are filthy creatures, even for insects. They tend to feed on dead or decaying plants and animals, which leads to them carrying a number of diseases, bacteria, and pathogens. Cockroaches carry more than 33 different bacterial diseases, including E.coli and salmonella, as well as seven human pathogens and six parasitic worms.

If this weren’t bad enough, they also exacerbate allergies and trigger asthma attacks. Let’s talk about why professional cockroach pest control is the best way to keep your Bryan home safe from cockroaches.

The Benefits of Professional Cockroach Control: Why Expertise Matters

Many homeowners have tried to deal with cockroaches on their own, only to discover that these pests are much more resilient than they imagined. Cockroaches can live for months without food or water. Their eggs naturally resist most over-the-counter insecticides. Some can even survive for a week with no head!

With help from our team at Swoboda Pest & Termite Control, you can get rid of cockroaches quickly and easily without the expense, hassle, and frustration of trying to do it all on your own. We’re a family-owned company with over 50 years of collective experience in the pest control industry, so you can count on us to provide fast, reliable services. We even offer free estimates so you can see what you’re getting before you commit. Finally, let’s talk about how to keep cockroaches away once we’ve removed them.

Preventing Cockroach Infestations: Tips For A Roach-Free Home

Once you’ve gotten rid of roaches, the last thing to do is make sure they can’t get back in.

Here is how to deter cockroaches from coming back:

  • Clean up food spills as soon as they occur.
  • Store food in sealed containers.
  • Take out the trash frequently.
  • Sweep and vacuum regularly.
  • Reduce excess moisture in your home. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your home stays safe from cockroaches for years to come. Reach out to us today for help with cockroaches and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Bryan.