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Pest Outlook For May – Bryan Texas

May 3, 2022 - Pest Control

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As the crazy weather continues for 2022, we try to look ahead at the potential for pest emergence for May and into summer. The April weather has been insanely variable. The heat has been up, the cold has been present, it’s dumped golf ball0-sized hail, there have been tornados, there have been insanely violent thunderstorms, and an increased fire threat throughout parts of Texas. April has been a month where weather has just been crazy and that makes forecasting pest control issues difficult. That is where experience comes into play. Keep reading as we discuss the May outlook for emerging pest issues.

1. Ants Are On The Prowl

By May, many pests that hoard food are running low on food. If they have bred and had young, their babies are now either out on their own and hungry, or consuming the bulk of the food stores. That means many organisms must hunt for food.

Ants are a good example of a pest that is going to take advantage of small breaks in the weather to forage for food. On sunny days, the ant colony is sending out foraging ants and preparing to swarm over food to bolster the food cache.

Expect to see more ant invasions around homes and businesses and more variety of ants around the house.

2. Rodents Remain A Force Of Nature

Like ants, mice and rats are hungry. Their winter cache of food has likely run out and foraging is the only way to find food. Also, by May, the mother’s litter is having litters of mice or rats themselves. That added pressure on local food sources means rodents are expanding their range to find food.

Expect more instances of rodent infestations in homes, businesses, and outbuildings. While the grasses are starting to set seeds, there is not much else available for rodents, especially with the strange weather. The hot and then cold temperatures are delaying crops and causing flowering plants to struggle too, and all those items make up food for rodents.

3. Raccoons And Wildlife

Weather is another problem for wildlife. Raccoons may have birthed young over the winter and by now they are also needing to find quantities of food to feed everyone. Mother raccoons take care of their young for a year or longer. With the weird weather, food is harder to find so raccoons will look for food in garbage cans, gardens, on your porch, and around businesses. They may need to travel farther to find food and they will.

Expect to encounter more wildlife such as raccoons, skunks, possums, and other critters.

These are our three top threats for pest infestations for May 2022. We also expect to see an uptick in fleas, ticks, and creepy crawlies such as spiders. Late spring and early summer are prime times for ticks so be on the lookout.

If you have a pestering pest that is bugging you, give us a call. Our expert technicians offer quality home pest control and commercial pest control services throughout the Bryan and College Station communities.

Swoboda Pest Control received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 203 reviews.
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