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Noisy Pests – The Pests That Truly Annoy You

May 31, 2022 - Pest Control

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It is one thing when pests destroy food in your pantry, and quite another when they keep you up half of the night with all their noise. Who are these noisy pests? Keep reading as we put names to the racket.

Roof Rabbits

Roof Rabbits are not rabbits at all, but rats. They sound like they are much bigger. These noisy pests are the things that get into your attic and sub flooring and race around all night. Their banging and galloping echoes through the enclosed space like drumming.  

Loud Wall Scratchers

They are of something out of Sci-Fi or a horror film. You just lie your head on your pillow and the small scratching begins. Is It in the wall? Is it something outside? Several types of pests make these noises.

Birds that can nest in wall space will make scratching noises and small sounds. If they have brought grass or twigs into the space to make a nest, you may hear that process. Often, it is their wings and feet making the scratching noise as they come and go or during preening.

Another wall scratcher is rodents. Mice are good at making these noises. Like birds, they get into the wall space or worse, the ceiling. Their coming and going and grooming make the scratching noises. They also chew wood and dig making the noise worse. Plus, they are nocturnal, so they are getting up as you are getting ready for bed.

Noisy Buzzers

Buzzers are those loud creatures that buzz and chirp half the night. Cicadas are a good example of a noisy pest. When they emerge the males rub their legs together to create a rasping, buzzing sound that seems to carry through the night and sometimes through the day.

If you’d like to sleep in peace and quiet, give us a call. Our expert home pest control and commercial pest control services will remove these pests and return your home to peaceful bliss.

Or you could always just buy ear plugs!

Swoboda Pest Control received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 198 reviews.
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