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Grasshopper Season In Bryan & College Station

May 15, 2018 - Pest Control

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Late April and early May is when grasshoppers begin to emerge. By June and July, the populations will be huge, and vegetation will begin to really show abuse. What that means for homeowners throughout Bryan and College Station is that now is the time to address grasshoppers. You want to put in place pest control measure before their populations become extensive.

Grasshoppers Food And Pest Control

Grasshoppers generally arrive at the end of the blooming season and are happy to eat the dying flowering plants around our garden and yards. They will happily eat grass and other greens if there is not enough preferred food available.

Grasshoppers tend to bread in large open areas such as farmland and that makes it difficult for homeowners to control grasshopper populations, especially in urban settings. On farms, you can use spray pesticides that are specific for grasshopper control, but those are not always appropriate for use around homes, especially where pets and children reside.

That does not mean that homeowners must be defenseless against grasshopper populations. It just means that control of these pests must be well thought out and strategic. We work with homeowners around Bryan and College Station to design and enact comprehensive and affordable grasshopper control programs that are appropriate and specific to your home.

There are certain plants that grasshoppers do not like and having those plants around means that roving grasshoppers may bypass your yard for more favored food sources. A good example of this is the Cherry Laurel vs the Crape Myrtle. The Cherry Laurel is a favored food for grasshoppers, but the crape myrtle is not. In fact, they don’t like crape myrtles. They do love day lilies but not lantana.

To learn more about how to stop pest grasshoppers, just give us a call. We provide comprehensive home pest control and commercial pest control to Bryan and College Station property and business owners.

Swoboda Pest Control received an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars from 203 reviews.
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