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Bryan Texas Biting Flies

June 26, 2018 - Flies

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fly biting skin

When it comes to biting flies in Texas, May and June are the prime months for these little terrors to emerge. The bad news is that there are well over 100 different types of biting flies in Texas and some of these are quite large – Over an inch in length.

Biting Fly Control

There is not much that you can do to control biting flies on the DIY level. These are highly evolved insects that have honed their hunting to a fine science. Horse fly and Deer fly must be trapped. Most pesticides do not work on them because their behavior is not quite the same as other flies and flying insects. These are hunters and they use a variety of tools to find prey.

They get their name because they attack large herbivores – deer, horse, cattle, elk, livestock, and even humans.

There are highly specialized traps that work to target just biting flies. These traps take on the flies at their predatory level.

Facts About Biting Flies

  • In the Southern States, biting flies are a fact of life. They need blood to reproduce and they are relentless in the pursuit of a warm meal.
  • The large flies drink about 1 cc of blood every time they bite.
  • The females are the ones that bite not the males
  • They are attracted to darker colored objects and people in darker clothing
  • They fly faster then you can run.
  • They hunt using a combination of tools – vision, chemical trails, etc.
  • They are attracted to the Carbon dioxide that we exhale, and they can track you based on the chem trail of your breath.

To learn more about how to control biting flies and the special tools needed to control them reach out to our team. We provide comprehensive home pest control and commercial pest control throughout the Bryan and College Station communities.